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A Buddhist Monastery in the Forest Tradition of Ajahn Chah
The vassa sangha.
A combination of hail, frost and things generally cold.
An anagarika sew-in.
Ethan and Bryce take the anagarika precepts.
Anagarika Ryan and Ajahn Joe enjoy a bright winter's day on the bhikkhu vihara patio.
The birthday celebration at the Thai Embassy for the king of Thailand.
The concrete lotus bud being raised into position at the monastery front entrance.
The lotus bud lifting team. One more to go.
Preparing for vassa; gravel being taken to surface Ajahn Kusalo's access track.
Preparing for vassa; one of the two concrete mixers used during the Garden Kuti working bee being put back into store. You can't believe how slippery the ground is.
The end of the AGM; the newly elected committee. Two new members - Harsha (3rd from left) and Kim (3rd from right).
Paul and Kuntul trimming back the ever-encroaching forest.
The end of the June weekend retreat.
Bruce adapting to his new role of 'supervisor.' Bryce putting some finishing touches to Architect kuti.
Jamie and Jet tidying up Ajahn Kusalo's kuti access track. A bit of a vege trim and some gravel on the surface.
The newly ordained Anagarika Ryan and Jamie carrying mattresses to kutis for the retreat.
Ajahn Joe introducing Ryan to the noble art of sewing.
Hair of the head, hair of the body... and Ryan's head is losing it all.
Ryan chanting the anagarika precepts.
Cosmo and Ryan carrying the gib board down from the forecourt to the new Garden kuti.
Bruce filling in the final gib patches in the Garden kuti.
Ryan, McBain and Bald finishing the last of the clearing below the Raja kuti.
Garden and Lotus kutis ready for new (double-glazed) joinery, insulation and wall lining.
A work in progress.
Ajahn Sambodhi and Ryan starting our new 'gym' in the basement of the monk's vihara.
Ajahn Joe working on 'local broom material' experiment #11 - nikau fronds; to be mixed with coconut palm fronds.
Ryan working on thinning the forest alongside the stream - below the kitchen.
An Australasian visitation.
Lindsay and Ajahn Joe preparing the new fridge for installation. Many thanks to the donors for their thoughtfulness and generosity.
Ryan and Bruce hauling a tarp full of autumn leaves.
Bruce putting the finishing touches on a new storage shed.
Bee: Embassy staff and friends offer pindapat to the Sangha.
Bee: The bush alongside the stream gets a serious trim.
Bee: The earth from the Raja kuti basement is spread out to form a patio.
Bee: The builders mix delivery truck only got in so far. Gravel is barrowed in to a chute at the Raja kuti.
Bee: Barrows of gravel were tipped here. The 'move it along' team at the ready.
Bee: Two concrete mixers on the go.
Bee: The basement of Raja kuti - what was the Garden kuti - gets a new concrete floor.
Bee: A few pongas are pulled from the forest to form a retaining wall for the earth patio.
Bee: The sala forecourt gets a jolly good clean up.
A fungal demise - death.
The main living area of the Raja kuti.
Just inside the entrance of Raja kuti - bed right, window seat, storage lockers, kitchen right.
Growth - and decay.
James at work on the compost bins. This is the final product; rich and loamy.
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Kathina SC 20 Oct
Med. Retreat 1-3 Nov
odhinyanarama is a monastic sanctuary situated in a 51 hectare (126 acre) wooded valley near Wellington, New Zealand. The monastery is the focus for a thriving Buddhist community and serves a variety of functions. While principally a residence for those wishing to participate or train in the monastic lifestyle, the large public area and meeting hall are used for religious festivals, public meetings and retreats. The forested area with remote lodgings provides a suitable environment for seclusion. The senior monks instruct in meditation, teach Buddhist principles, lead retreats and provide religious services for the Buddhist community, both at the monastery and at other venues in New Zealand and elsewhere.

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The vassa sangha.

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Our annual winter retreat is well underway. We had a week of group meditation and this was well attended, both by residents and visitors just here for the day. This gets 'the meditative ball  ...read more