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New Kutis at Bodhinyanarama

Lay Kutis

Basic plan
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With the triplex no longer available for lay guests two new kutis were built in the lay zone to replace those spaces. While not quite complete they were used through the winter (2014).

With not many 'big' projects in the monastery we thought a page dedicated to the progress of this work would be interesting.

site clearing

2 bridge kuti

track edging
The two sites have been finalised and the working bee on the 8th December 2013 saw the access tracks formed and the sites cleared. [see: Photos] Another work bee will be organised this year to get materials to the site. The incredible generosity at Kathina has those materials all paid for -- many thanks to you all. We are not sure yet who will do the building work; volunteers (us) or a supervising (paid) carpenter or other.

October 2014:

setting up


concrete in

walls up

roof on

insulation in

lining fitted
News updates have hopefully kept you - well, updated - and this info. is added somewhat after the event.
We were very fortunate in having John Browning, a good friend (and builder) from Tauranga come and stay with us in March and take overall responsibility for construction. The weather was good and progress excellent. We had a few guests and Finn, a student on work placement, helping out as well as the in-house team. Finishing is always difficult and the aim was to at least have the kutis usable for vassa. They were well used for the 10-day reatreat and various guests. As of vassa end they still need water, electric and a meditation walking path and that will come by and by.

January 2015:

water tank base

the lawn
The end of the vassa was a busy period which lead into the New Year retreat and then Ajahn Kusalo was off to Thailand for two weeks for Ajahn Chah's memorial so work has not long resumed finishing the kutis. The two sites are so different that the walking meditation paths vary from 'almost flat land' to 'hanging on the side of a cliff' and preparation varies accordingly. They are both ready for the timber decks. Currently there is only one supply point for the kuti electrics (at the old triplex) and the plan is to set up a second, independent transformer to service the kutis in the lay area.

Pre-vassa 2015:

the loo

meditation path

meditation deck
With both kutis being habitable the final details of work has slowed down. The most significant addition has been the completion of walking meditation paths for both kutis. There has also been the addition of a pit toilet at both kutis. The only item still left to do is the electrics. To establish an independent supply for all the lay kutis involves a bit more than just one wire so this may take a while. Are there any energetic electric type persons with time on hand? It will get done - eventually.

Pre-vassa 2016:
We enjoyed having venerable Issaro with us for several weeks. As well as being a fine monk he is also an electrician. Both kutis now have 12Vdc electric. Sadhu! The only thing needed now is to have the lay zone on a separate transformer. You can see the speed at which some things happen - slow, but steady.


This project will take some time, probably years, to fully develop. You can see a few initial thoughts here.

The overall idea is to create almost a separate monastery providing the opportunity for one or more monks to practice in solitude with no duties or responsibilities. Accommodation would be basic with simple toilet, bathing and laundry facilities in the area. The monk(s) would walk on pindapat to the kitchen or down to Stokes Valley and eat on their own. The site is not easily accessed so getting materials there will be difficult – or expensive if we use a helicopter.

A quad track has been established to just below the existing kuti. The thought is to extend this to run higher up the property to a central area. It is hoped that this second stage will happen during summer 2016.