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Stupa Dedication Ceremony

On the Day: General Matters

Stupa Offerings:
You are invited to bring something special to place in the pavilion base at the head of the Buddha. This will be a part of the ceremony at the stupa after lunch. You can bring something beautiful, something personal, something sacred and auspicious - even if only to you. There will also be bodhi leaf cards on which you can write blessings and dedications and also place these at the Buddha's head.
To keep the monastery calm and spacious there will be no parking in the monastery. Parking will be along Stokes Valley Road. There will be a shuttle service during the morning (9-10.30) so you can get a lift up. Look out for the vehicle with flags and wave it down.
Food Offerings:
There will be a table at the monastery entrance with people to receive your offerings and then take them up to the food tent. You could, if you wish, do this yourself and offer the food to the monks directly. Your driver can drop you all off at the gate and then go park. Note that we will have a food tent in the courtyard in front of the standing Buddha.
Stupa Viewing:
There will be a large-screen wall projector in the sala and a 70" screen in the cloister with live audio and video. How many people will come for this event? We are guessing at about 5-700. The area around the stupa is limited and we guess that about 200 people can comfortably fit there. You may get a better view of proceedings in the hall. The event will be recorded.

Summary of Events

November: December:
Sunday 2nd...
see details below...

Preliminary Events

Ajahn Viradhammo, currently abbot of Tisarana monastery in Canada, was the founding abbot of Bodhinyanarama and his visit here at this time is most auspicious. So much of the early construction of this monastery was as a result of his presence. It seems very fitting that he is with us to share in this latest development. He has offered to lead a dhamma session on Saturday 24th November; 1pm. This will be a mix of meditation, dhamma teachings, discussion, Q&A. He will also lead the Sunday evening meeting, 6pm.
There will be two sessions on each of these days - after lunch (1pm) and evening (7pm).

Our visiting ajahns —

The various sessions will be lead by one or more of them. We will try to keep the summary above up to date.
The format may vary depending on who leads the session.

Sunday the 2nd

There will be two parts to the day: before the meal offering and after.

Before the meal: (all times are approximate)
09:30All gather in the Dhamma Hall – Welcome
09:45Preliminary chanting by the laity
10:30Rice Pindapat
The Sangha collects alms food
Requesting Refuges and Precepts
Dedications and offerings
After the meal: the main ceremony.
1:00There will be a bell + announcement. Laity goes to the stupa or to the hall.
1:20The Sangha proceeds to the stupa
1:30The ceremonies begin.
After the various ritual elements and talks have been completed in relation to the reclining Buddha the sangha will cirumambulate the stupa.
There will be a water blessing and a sangha photo taken.
You will then all be invited to add your treasures at the Buddha's head.
Do stay as long as you like and enjoy the new stupa and the monastery generally.