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Supporting the Monastery
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Donating food & other Requisites
Online Donations:  


Dana List

People often ask what the monastery needs. Below are some (mostly kitchen) ideas. There are sometimes larger items: view list
Thank you for your support.

Items we can use...
  • toilet duck
  • spray 'n wipe
  • yoghurt sachets
  • large kitchen tidy bags
  • soya milk
  • juice
  • We have plenty of...
  • medical plasters
  • incense
  • green tea
  • instant noodles
  • cooking oil
  • tooth paste
  • tooth brushes
  • soap bars

    last updated: November 15 2018

  • An Economy of Gifts

    In accordance with our tradition, Bodhinyanarama is supported entirely by freewill donations of food, money, and time. No charge is made for teachings, accommodation, or other activities offered by the monastery. Below are some ways you can get involved. If you have any questions about what you might offer phone 04 563 7193 or email us

    The Main Meal

    This is provided each day by monastery supporters at 10.30am. You are most welcome to participate. You could bring a prepared dish or prepare something here, either from food you bring or food that has already been offered to the monastery. Or just come and join us.
    The meal offering is open to all but there is a roster of those wanting to come on a specific day; birthdays, death anniversaries, etc.. This roster is generally managed through our coordinators: Yashodara (Sri Lankan), Sukhanya (Thai), Khin (Burmese) and Aunty Suan in our kitchen here. Gaps are commonly filled by spontaneous arrivals - and you could easily fill one or two. Contact the monastery office. If you wish to make a meal offering on a particular day or on a regular basis please contact the monastery [send to 'office']

    Food and Kitchen Items

    There are various items that are required from time to time, sometimes quite specific; like light bulbs. The list, above-right, may give you a few ideas. We try to keep it up to date.

    Offering time or Skills

    Sitting in the hall meditating is precious offering.
    Guidance is available on all the above.

    Financial Gifts

    Donations are used for monthly utilities, maintenance, repayment of loans, and generally keeping the monastery operational. There are several ways of offering your support. Below are three common approaches:

    Regular Donations

    Direct Debit or,
    Internet Banking are easy ways to make regular donations to the monastery. Feel free to contact the treasurer (send to 'Financial') if you are unsure how to do this. Our bank details are below.

    PS. Receipts: There is no way we can get your contact details (email or postal) with direct debit so, if you make a donation and require a receipt, please contact the treasurer


    Make cheques payable to "WTBA" and mail to:
    17 Rakau Grove
    Stokes Valley
    Lower Hutt 5019
    New Zealand

    Bank account details:
    Name Wellington Theravada Buddhist Association Inc.
    Bank National Bank
    Branch Lower Hutt
    Swift code ANZBNZ 22
    Account No 06 0582 0015463 02

    Come to the Monastery

    You are most welcome to come to the monastery.
    Your participation in the life of the monastery is one of the greatest gifts you can offer. Check the events calendar to see if there is something that you particularly might like to take part in. Also the teaching schedule