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Considerations Regarding Covid-19


We are regularly reviewing how best, in the light of covid-19 restrictions, to continue the running of the monastery.
We have a resident population of 6 monks, 1 anagarika and 3 lay stewards and we are all happy and well.

We are maintaining our regular daily schedule - for residents only. There will be morning and evening pujas as usual. Our morning work period maintaining the property will be unchanged and the main meal will remain at 10:30. The afternoon, as always, is for personal practice.

How are you affected?

Offering Dana...
We very much hope that this will continue. As you know we are entirely dependent on your support. The government site has: "Using private vehicles for transport is allowed. Where possible, practice physical distancing."
With this in mind we have sealed off the kitchen lobby as a 'visitors only area'. You can drop off food and other supplies on the table there. There are sanitizing facilities available just inside the door. Please include any notes of dedication you would like to be made and we will chant the anumodana accordingly.

The kitchen is an obvious high-risk area for the spread of infection and the kitchen is a 'residents only' area as is the downstairs men's toilet, the dana sala and the main meditation hall (these are all signed accordingly). We would request that you leave groceries and food on the table in the kitchen lobby; a 'visitors only area'.
  • The only area available to non-residents is the kitchen lobby where you are welcome to make offerings.
  • Sunday dana will not be in the main hall and offerings can be made as above.
  • Sunday afternoon and evening meditations are cancelled.
  • We are not offering guest accommodation until further notice.
  • Use of the forest walking tracks is not available.

    We have consistently endeavoured over the last three decades to keep the monastery open to all, allowing the wider public to use the walking tracks, sit in the hall, have a cup of tea and generally enjoy this beautiful place. This current pandemic is a sad event on so many levels and we will try to be as available as changing circumstances allow. The weeks ahead will be difficult for many and it is an opportunity for us all to give life to the Buddha's teaching, to practice patience, kindness and compassion.

    May all beings be well in mind and body.