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Bodhinyanarama: Paying a Visit
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Visiting the Monastery

General Guidelines

Day visitors are welcome at any time. The main gate is open from approximately 6.30 am to 8.00 pm (later on Sundays and other teaching evenings). The meditation hall is generally open during the day and there is a library for browsing or borrowing. The stupa (pagoda) is five minutes from the top end of the car park.

If you wish to talk with someone living at the monastery it is best if you contact us to arrange a time. If you come at either the meal time (10.30-12.00 am) or tea time (6 pm) you will most likely be able to chat with someone.

The main public evening is on Sunday, when there is chanting, meditation, and a talk by one of the senior monks from 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm. There is also a monthly Meditation Workshop (first Saturday, 1.00-5.00 pm), for both beginners and experienced meditators. See - - - teaching

Staying as a Guest

We welcome people to come and stay at the monastery. First time visits are limited to a week. More information here

Daily Schedule

Details will vary according to the time of the year, the phases of the moon (see below) and the seasons generally but here is a typical days schedule...

am 5:15 Morning Puja - chanting and meditation**

6:30 Chores - mostly domestic

7:00 Light Breakfast. Ajahn Kusalo is generally available after breakfast.

8:00 General work (assigned according to ability). Meal preparation.

10:30 The main meal; eaten in silence (the last of the day). Immediately after the meal, 11:30+, is a good time to meet with the monastics.
pm 6:00 Hot drinks are available. A monastic often meets with residents at this time.

7:00 Evening Puja - chanting and meditation (followed by a Dhamma talk on Lunar Observance Days)**

Lunar Observance Days (roughly once a week)
** There is no morning group meditation on these days.
** The community meditates from 2pm until 5pm
** until midnight on new and full moon.
** The day after is unscheduled; no morning or evening group meditation.

       Check the calendar for event details and Observance Day dates.


For many, this is a convenient time to visit the monastery.
You are most welcome to join with us for the meal on either Saturday or Sunday, or any day in fact. This is at 10.30am.

Many of the scheduled teachings are on the weekend. See Teachings

As was the tradition in the time of the Buddha, the monastery follows a lunar calendar. Our Observance Days fall on the four moon quarters so they are often through the week. On these days there is no work and a period of group meditation in the afternoon. The focus is on contemplation and meditation practice. The evening meditation is still at 7pm with the 8 Precepts given to residents and a dhamma talk to follow this.

Check the calendar to see the schedule of moon days (Uposatha).