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    Ajahn Chah

    The Buddha said to judge only yourself, and not to judge others, no matter how good or evil they may be. The Buddha merely points out the way, saying, "The truth is like this." Now is our mind like that or not?

    Update for: 17th April 2019

    >> Songkran
    Sunday 21st April. We will celebrate S.E. Asian New year this Sunday. Starting at about 9:45 the program will include a short meditation, group chanting, rice pindapat, Five Precepts, offering of requisites and - after lunch - Dhamma talk, Sangha paritta chanting and water blessing of laity and all our Buddha rupas (statues) - and the monks. If you have a favourite rupa do bring it along for all of us to bless. All are welcome.

    >> Working Bee
    Saturday, May 4th, 12:30. The Thai embassy is organizing a merit-making working bee at the monastery to commemorate the coronation of King Maha Vajiralongkorn. The main project will be working on the renovation of the Garden kuti and this is relatively weather independent. Either way, rain or shine, there will be plenty to do with something for everyone - old, young, short or tall... Do come and join us for the meal and then help out afterwards - or just come and generally join in.

    >> Kuti Renovations
    The Raja kuti is finished. Do have a look next time you visit the monastery, it is quite the transformation. The Architect kuti gets a change of view, a general Bruce-spruce up and more privacy. This should be finished in a couple of weeks. The Garden kuti is a bit more complicated with levels and spaces not so easily defined. The working bee on the 4th will set a clear definition of the space. [photo]

    >> Nursing Kuti
    Who knows the future? There is much talk of an aging population - baby boomers and all that. It is happening here in the monastery no less than anywhere else and we are giving thought as to how we might best plan for that. Where to accommodate invalided monks - and/or lay stewards? There has been discussion over the last year or more and at our recent committee meeting we did agree that the library is best located, in terms of health care access, ambulances, private visitors, etc. It also has all services (electric, gas, sewer, etc.) close by. We have a builder friend who is coming to stay with us for a few days and make an initial assessment. There will need to be plans, permits 'and all that stuff' to be organized so work probably won't start until? later. Next summer? Hopefully we will have an initial sketch to share with you some time in May. Does anyone have knowledge about requirements for a semi-hospital room? It would be great to have your input - or if you know where such information can be found; websites, government agencies, etc.? As a side comment, access to the bhikkhu vihara is being revised to allow for mobility scooter access from the dana sala and meditation hall. There is also discussion about a possible sick or elderly monk's kuti, in what is now ajahn Kusalo's office, to allow for mobility issues. More to come on all of this over the following months. There has also been talk about importing flat land from China - but that has mostly been quite silly talk :)

    >> Stationary Bicycle
    Monks' knees and bodies generally would appreciate the use of a stationary, exercise bicycle. In the first instance we are wondering if someone has such a thing tucked away in their garage or sitting about unused somewhere. Please let us know.

    >> Vesakah Puja
    Sunday 26th May. Still more that a month away but we know how busy you are. Make a diary entry now... and plan to join with us to celebrate the Buddhas birth, enlightenment and final passing. It is a day to honour this great being and to celebrate his life and legacy. Precepts, rice pindapat, sharing of merit, shared meal, Dhamma talk, circumambulation, blessings... etc. All welcome.


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