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  • Update - 3-5-2017
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    Ajahn Chah

    When you expound the Dhamma sincerely you must not force yourself. It should happen on its own and should flow spontaneously from he present moment and circumstances. People have different levels of receptive ability, and when you're there at that same level, it just happens, the Dhamma flows. The Buddha had the ability to know people's temperaments and receptive abilities. He used this very same method of spontaneous teaching. It's not that he possessed any special superhuman power to teach, but rather that he was sensitive to the spiritual needs of the people who came to him, and so he taught them accordingly.

    Update for: 3rd May 2017

    >> Vesak
    We invite you to join us on Sunday May 7th, 9:45am, to honour and respect the many blessings that we have received from the Buddha. Vesak is the most significant event on the Buddhist calendar celebrating the life of Gotama the Buddha; his birth, enlightenment and final passing. A most worthy cause for celebration. All are welcome.

    >> Saturday Meditation Workshop
    This Saturday, 6th May; 1-5pm. This is the day before Vesak and we are very lucky to have Ajahn Medhino staying with us over this time. He has kindly agreed to lead the workshop. Do take advantage of this opportunity.

    >> Wanderings
    Ajahns Kusalo and Narado recently spent a week wandering on Great Barrier Island. Landing at Okiwi they walked south to Haratonga beach where they camped for the night. Then further south to Kaitoke and Medlands and eventually to Schooner Bay to stay with friends of Aj K. There was generally food enough but four muesli bars for two monks on Friday was a stretch. The weather was superb. [-photo-]

    >> Receipts + Membership
    All email receipts have been sent and the last of the postal receipts were sent this morning. If you are expecting a receipt and this doesn't arrive please email us
    March 31st is also the time for membership renewal. You can download the application form and send that in to the: Secretary c/o Bodhinyanarama, 17 Rakau Grove, Stokes Valley.

    >> Chao Khun Kuti
    The Chao Khun kuti was built nearly 25 years ago for the use of visiting senior monks being nicely secluded behind the Dhamma hall. The Raja kuti has seen similar use but is not so well sited but it is more spacious and with a kitchenette. It is, however, much more frequently used for shared female accommodation. So... give the Chao Khun more space and a kitchenette. And while we are at it lets give the bathroom more space and light. It is not a major project but quite fiddly so will take a while. [-photo-]

    >> City Meditation
    The first Monday of the month at Quaker House, Moncrief Street. The first year went pretty well with 10 to 15 people each session. We now see more like 6 to 8 which is borderline as regards covering the room rental. From discussion in the last couple of months we will shorten the meetings to 6-7:30pm


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