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  • Update - 29-3-2018
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    Ajahn Chah

    It was Christmas and the foreign monks had decided to celebrate it. They invited some laypeople as well as Ajahn Chah to join them. The laypeople were generally upset and skeptical. Why, they asked were Buddhists celebrating Christmas? Ajahn Chah then gave a talk on religion in which he said, "As far as I understand, Christianity teaches people to do good and avoid evil, just as Buddhism does, so what is the problem? However, if people are upset by the idea of celebrating Christmas, that can be easily remedied. We won't call it Christmas. Let's call it " Christ-Buddhamas". Anything that inspires us to see what is true and do what is good is proper practice, You may call it any name you like."

    Update for: 29th March 2018

    >> South Island
    Bhikkhus Kusalo, Thanavaro and Phasuko travelled with Pat and Daniel for eleven days in the northern part of the South Island. From the ferry they headed west along highway 63 through Murchison to Westport then north to Kohaihai. This is the end of the road that meets the end of the Heaphy track and there were lots of excellent forest and coastal walks. Back south onto highway 7 to the Lewis Pass where the day was spent climbing a challenging 800m to the Lewis Tops track for stunning views. Across to the west coast with a memorable stay at Marfell's Beach and some delightful coastal walks. This is an extremely terse review but there are a few [-photo-]s and there is a more detailed journal underway. All in all it was a balanced mix of challenge, joy, discomfort (eg. West Coast sandflies) and plenty of friendship and delight.

    >> Wat Bodhisaddha
    No sooner had Ajahn Kusalo returned from the Sth. Is. and he was off to Sydney to spend a week at Wat Bodhisaddha Monastery to join their foundation stone consecration ceremony. This was his first visit so arriving a few days early allowed time to tour the property and spend time with sangha. The ceremony itself was very well organized and attended. It is inspiring to see new monasteries being established and so well supported. [-photo-]

    >> Ajahn Cunda
    We have had a visit from Ajahn Cunda planned for some time now and it was a delight to see him at Wat Bodhisaddha. A pleasant prelude to his visit here. He arrives on Monday and will be with us for six weeks. We very much look forward to his time with us and encourage you to come and meet him.

    >> Monthly Meditation
    The 1st Monday - city meditation; 2nd of April. This is Easter Monday so hopefully you are all spacious and relaxed ready for meditation. 6pm - 7:30. The 1st Saturday - meditation workshop; 7th April. 1pm - 5pm, at the monastery.

    >> Monk's Vihara Bathroom
    The new spaces have been framed and the electrics are well underway. Plumbing should get done next week and then it is just a matter of lining out, tiling and... that's it. If only it were as easy as it reads. There are lots of fiddly bits and a new vanity cupboard to be made and then... that's it. More or less. There will be a few photos when there is something a bit more interesting that wall framing to see :)

    >> Stupa Painting
    The forecourt, phase one, is finished. The west side will get underway in a couple of weeks. In conjunction with this second phase we will be preparing the stupa for painting. There will be a working bee to clean and sand all surfaces prior to painting. A date has yet to be set but will be on a Sunday in roughly a couple of weeks.


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