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  • Update - 20-12-2017
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    Ajahn Chah

    We don't meditate to see heaven, but to end suffering.

    Update for: 20th December 2017

    >> New Year Retreat
    Dec. 26 to Jan. 3rd. "The End of the World." Not annihilation but cessation - transcendence. From where to what? That is the question; which can't be conventionally answered, only directly experienced. Let's do that! Accommodation is pretty tight but do apply if you want to join. Camping is an option. Otherwise you can come during the day and return home in the evening.

    >> NY Eve
    As a part of the retreat we will have a variety of ceremonies and rituals to see in the new year. Come for the day or join us for evening puja at 7pm. We will meditate until midnight with interwoven ceremonies.

    >> NY Day
    January 1st. It has been a long-standing tradition to begin the year with a visit to the monastery. The monks will walk on Pindapat down Stokes Valley Road about 9:15am. Chanting, meditation, meal offerings, etc. will start around 10:00. An auspicious start to 2018. All are welcome.

    >> Stupa Stones
    The moonstone, entry step and rupa base set sail from Colombo on the 13.12.2017 aboard the 'Wan Hai 501' [-photo-] Arrival date is not yet set but will probably be around the end of January. We should be able to get them on site in time for an installation ceremony at the end of February. Final date to be announced.

    >> Kaitoke
    As a farewell 'party' for Ajahn Narado we loaded the entire monastery, plus four visiting friends, into several vehicles and spent an afternoon together at Kaitoke Reserve. [-photo-] The weather was superb and the forest and river a delight. A blessing for all. We wish Ajahn a safe and happy onward journey.

    >> Cancel January
    The two monthly events - meditation workshop and city meditation - won't be held in January. They will resume as normal in February.

    >> Ajahn Chah
    On January 16th we commemorate Ajahn Chah's passing. It is also his birthday on June 17th and 2018 will mark one hundred years since his birth. These two events will be combined in January with large numbers of people from all around the world joining together in Wat Pah Pong to celebrate. Ajahn Kusalo will represent Bodhinyanarama.

    >> Hermitage
    With a larger sangha the long-standing plan to develop the hermitage is now underway. There is already one existing kuti and we think to have a monk on retreat there in continuing rotation. Venerable Kusalacitto is the first and we will all take turns at spending time, roughly two weeks each, in that kuti. If the sangha continues to grow we will look toward building another kuti up in that area. We are blessed with lots of space. We are also blessed with your support which allows us to explore these possibilities. Anumodana.


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