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    Mar 12Mar 28

    Ajahn Chah

    The Buddha said to judge only yourself, and not to judge others, no matter how good or evil they may be. The Buddha merely points out the way, saying, "The truth is like this." Now is our mind like that or not?

    Update for: 28th March 2020

    >> Sri Lanka Images
    Ajahn Kusalo has sifted photos from his Sri Lankan trip and you can view these here. There are plans to write a journal but - don't hold your breath. What a superb time it was with a manageable range of challenges - and returning to NZ just before the lockdown. Yay!

    >> Bodhinyanarama & Carona
    Visit the website to view our current situation regarding covid-19 Basically the monastery is closed. The government site has: "Using private vehicles for transport is allowed. Where possible, practice physical distancing." With this in mind we have isolated the kitchen lobby as a "visitors only" area and you can drop off any offerings there. Please include any notes of dedication you would like to be made and we will chant the anumodana accordingly.

    The weeks ahead will be difficult for us all and it is an opportunity for us to give life to the Buddha's teaching, to practice patience, kindness and compassion.

    May all beings be well in mind and body.

    >> Anjali
    With physical contact being restricted and shaking hands an unacceptable means of greeting it is a nice context for the extended use of anjali. This is such a beautiful gesture which is well recognized by most people as not only one of greeting but also one of respect. It is not a Buddhist exclusive and I find it lifts peoples hearts beyond the sometimes perfunctory handshake; we could all do with our hearts being lifted.

    >> Landslide Progress
    The workers have finished building the gabion retaining wall (with help from the community) and we will now wait a few months (probably post-virus, post-winter) for the upper levels of clay to dry out more so that the area can be appropriately shaped and hydroseeded. It has been quite a drawn out process but the end is not too far away and then we can begin planting. photos

    >> Monks Moving
    Unfortunately they are not. We had planned visits from Luang Pors Piek and Lai, Ajahns Sprite, Meng and Karuniko - all nicely spread out before vassa. What a pity. We still hope to have Ajahn Abhiratano here for vassa but are unsure if this will be possible. The upside is that venerable Buddhisaro will be with us for the vassa and we will see how far beyond that he might stay. His parents canceled a trip to New Zealand and are hoping to reschedule for after vassa.

    >> Carpenter, Builder's Assistant
    Our builder Bruce has been wondering lately if he is getting older; like, more so than usually? We will allow the possibility so are looking for a competent construction person - call them a builder, carpenter, hammer hand, assistant - a good worker by any other name...? There are so many ways this cooperative opportunity might be structured; hours are not full time but very flexible - and paid. Allowing for non-contact conditions this is just a 'feeler' to see who might be interested. We could have some initial discussion by phone and email.

    >> Pushchair
    A really nice pushchair was left at the monastery. If you have lost one please phone us and we can arrange to leave it at the gate for pick up.


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