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  • Update - 1-2-2017
    Jan 16Feb 1

    Ajahn Chah

    When you do something bad, there is nowhere you can go to hide. Even if others don't see you, you must see yourself. Even if you go into a deep hole, you'll still find yourself there. There's no way you can commit bad actions and get away with it. In the same way, why shouldn't you see your own purity? You see it all; the peace, the agitation, the liberation, the peace, the bondage we see all these for yourself.

    Update for: 1st February 2017

    >> Upcoming Events
    The new year is warming up :) with regular events back to normal.
  • Saturday Workshop: 1st Saturday of the month - 4th Feb, Monastery, 1-5pm
  • City Meditation: 1st Monday - 6th Feb. Quaker House, 7 Moncrieff St, 6-8pm

  • >> Stupa Progress
    Not a lot of work has been done on site but concept and planning details are firming up. Over $15k has been specifically donated. Finalising a source for the moonstone in Sri Lanka is progressing and a recent meeting with Hugh Tennant, our architect, brought clearer design for the parinibbana rupa on the West side. sketch: [-photo-] One hoped-for element of all this work is the formation of a stupa committee; a group of people interested in ongoing care of the stupa. Perhaps coming to the monastery monthly? bi-monthly? - joining for the meal? - spending an afternoon cleaning, gardening - perhaps preparing for a full-moon puja? The stupa needs a regular infusion of love and devotion. Make your interest known.!

    >> Venerable Kondanyo
    The said same is currently somewhere in the South Island on tudong; wandering the ways of the peripatetic samana. [-photo-] He has only been gone a few days so no news, especially as regards his getting something to eat. Should you be travelling in those parts and see a brown robe - do give him a wave as you drive by :) - Better still... make anjali... with a sandwich? We wish him well and hope to see him back in a week or so.

    >> Kitchen Photos
    The web site photo album interface has been upgraded (the last one had too many buttons). As a part of the switch a collection of old kitchen demolition and new building photos has been added. Do you remember the old garage that served as kitchen, dana sala, breakfast room, toilets, shower, etc.? What an improvement.! view

    >> Office Person
    Do you have time to help out in the monastery office doing general admin duties? About 4-6 hours per week? There is a lot of flexibility with both time, days and the work to be done. If you are interested you could phone: 563 7193 or email


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