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  • Update - 26-6-2017
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    Ajahn Chah

    When sitting in meditation, say "That's not my business!" with every thought that comes by.

    Update for: 26th June 2017

    >> Annual General Meeting
    You are welcome to join us on Sunday July 2nd, 1:00pm for our AGM. This is a public meeting with only WTBA members able to vote. We will have the abbot's, president's and treasurer's reports, elect a new committee, vote on a small change to the constitution (see text below) and generally review development over the year past. You can download the membership application form and send that to the: Secretary c/o Bodhinyanarama, 17 Rakau Grove, Stokes Valley. Join us for Khao Pansa and make a day of it :)

    >> Office Assistant
    Irene has been doing a great job, coming in once a week for admin work. An extra person would be a wonderful help. There could be a clear division of duties but working together might be more effective. Nothing too technical is required with flexibility as regards timing. A good opportunity to both help and to spend time at the monastery. Contact Ajahn at the office

    >> Khao Pansa
    A traditional celebration at the beginning of the vassa (pansa). Sunday July 2nd. This is prior to our AGM so you could come in the morning and enjoy a day at the monastery.

    >> Saturday Meditation Workshop
    This Saturday, 1st July; 1-5pm.

    >> City Meditation
    The first Monday of the month at Quaker House, Moncrief Street; 3rd July. Discussion on the likely continuation of this event is not complete. Your presence on Monday will add wait to the final choice. We did earlier decide to shorten the meetings to 6-7:30pm.

    >> Toings & Froings
    Venerable Kusalacitto left for Melbourne on Wednesday to spend the vassa there. Ajahn Dta will arrive on the 28th to spend the vassa here. Venerable Thanavaro will join us after vassa. All good stuff.

    >> Ajahn's Meandering
    Ajahn Kusalo left the monastery just after Vesak, 9th May, and just returned on Wednesday. The trip began with 9 days in Sri Lanka for the U.N. Vesak conference and finalising the moonstone and entry step order. see SL photos Then to UK, Amaravati, for the tri-annual monastic gathering with about 120 samanas meeting in various formats over a week. That complete it was Harnham Monastery for a week with Ajahn Munindo and the sangha. Groups in Manchester and Cambridge had made invitation so several dhamma-days there ended the UK segment. A few days in Los Angeles visiting his son also included a day of meditation with a newly met local group. A very inspiring and fruitful time. Ajahn's Journal

    >> Moonstone Update
    The order has been placed in Sri Lanka for both the moonstone and entry step. The factory manager thought they would be ready toward the end of October. As well as a generous donation toward the stones a supporter in SL has offered to organise the shipping. There is no indication how long this might take but we are thinking in terms of having an installation ceremony (see: Sacred Rocks below) some time in February. This should allow enough time? The forecourt area is taking shape nicely. [-photo-]

    >> Sacred Rocks
    Ajahn brought back quite a collection of rocks that many of the monks attending the meetings at Amaravati had brought from their respective monasteries. These will be layed out against a map in the dana sala. These will be included as a part of the moonstone installation ceremony.

    >> Proposed Constitution Change
    As per existing Constitution:
    11.4 The President (if any) of the Society shall preside as Chairman at every General Meeting but if there be no such Chairman or if [?at?] any meeting he shall not be present within fifteen minutes after the time appointed for holding the same, or shall be unwilling to preside the members present shall choose some member of the Management Committee, or if no such member be present, or if all the members of the Management committee present decline to take the chair, they shall choose some member of the Society who shall be present to preside.
    Proposed: (to allow for more flexibility appointing a chair)
    11.4 The President of the Society [see 15.1] shall preside as Chairperson at every General Meeting. If the President is in agreement the committee may elect a member as Chairperson to preside for an agreed number of consecutive meetings. If the Chairperson is absent fifteen minutes after the agreed meeting start, or does not wish to preside, committee members shall choose a member present as Chair.


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