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    Ajahn Chah

    We don't become monks or nuns to eat well, sleep well, and be very comfortable, but to know suffering:
    - how to accept it..
    - how to get rid of it..
    - how not to cause it.
    So don't do that which causes suffering, like indulging in greed, or it will never leave you.

    Update for: 23rd December 2019

    >> Luang Por Supot
    Luang Por arrived on Thursday and will be staying with us for three weeks. We have invited him to give a dhamma talk this coming Sunday evening, 29th; puja starts at 6pm. The talk will be in Thai with English translation. Do come and take this opportunity to hear teachings from a senior ajahn of the forest tradition.

    >> Landslide W. Bee
    About 25 people came to help remove the tangled vegetation from the bottom of the landslide. What a mucky messy job it was. One helper (no name mentioned :) ended up knee deep in the clay slop and almost gave up trying to recover their shoes. That was the exception and we all had a very cooperative and joyful time working together. The next step is to get a digger in and clear the culvert that goes under the road and put some new drainage in place to allow the ground to dry out. This probably won't happen until next year - after the retreat. Thanks to all who have helped.

    >> New Year Retreat
    December 26th - January 3rd. Accommodation is full. There is a waiting list. You can come (quietly) during the day to join and go home in the evening. We will have open, dorm-style accommodation available for new year's eve; be sure to bring your own bedding. No need to book for this.

    >> New Year's Day Pindapat
    This is an annual event with the sangha going on alms round down Stokes Valley. We leave the monastery about 9:30am and slowly make our way back up the valley. Making a visit to the monastery to join with the monastic and wider lay community and make meritorious offerings is a great way to start the new year. You are all most welcome.

    >> 2020 Calendar
    There was a blip in our admin around the ordering of books and calendars so, most unfortunately, we don't have copies of the sangha calendar to offer you for this coming year. You can download a copy that is hi-res and printable.

    >> Ajahn Kongrit
    Ajahn arrived with LPSupot on Thursday and will be with us for three months. He has stayed with us before for a similar time and we welcome his return. Having spent time with many senior Ajahns he brings a wide experience of the Thai forest tradition; and a nice, smiley presence. He is also skilled in many of the traditional, monastic hand crafts. He has very good English so do feel free to introduce yourself to him.


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