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  • Update - 27-6-2018
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    Ajahn Chah

    Actually, in truth, there isn't anything to human beings. Whatever we may be, it's only in the realm of appearances. However, if we go beyond appearances and see the truth, we will see that there isn't anything there but the universal characteristics -- birth in the beginning, change in the middle, and cessation in the end. This is all there is. If we see that all things are like this, then no problems arise. If we understand this, we will have contentment and peace.

    Update for: 27th June 2018

    >> Buddha Rupa Arrives
    After over a year of planning and coordinating the reclining marble buddha rupa from Thailand has arrived. Being less in weight (1.1 tonne) with more manageable dimensions than the moonstone transporting it up the hill from the carpark was comparatively easy. We had an excavator on site so it was a fairly easy matter to hang it off the front bucket and crawl up the hill. It was a very tight squeeze but we - I should say 'Brendon the driver' - managed to get it right next to the stupa. Work should begin soon on the westSide plinth and canopy. Until then the rupa will (patiently :) wait in its crate. Sneek previews are available on site - +a couple of [photo]

    >> Working Bee
    There weren't that many bees but there was plenty of buzzing. We got the cloister marquee down and bagged. The basement of the Bhikkhu Vihara was emptied and everything taken to the workshop. The first coat of primer was applied to the stupa. Many thanks to those who joined us and offered their time. A good result. Anumodana.

    >> 1st of the Month
    City Meditation Monday 2nd July; 6-7.30pm, Quaker House, Montcrieff St.. As mentioned in the last update we are looking for a coordinator for these events. The main requirement is attending, the other duties fit easily around this. It could well be a shared role (we already have one person half-available :). Please contact us if you have any interest.
    Meditation Workshop Saturday 7th July; 1-5pm, at the monastery. Suitable for bothbeginners and experienced.

    >> Stupa Update
    As well as the rupa arrival there have been a couple of other advances. The first base coat was applied to the stupa itself in preparation for the final gold. [photo] The weather has been so wet and cold that we are now thinking to leave the painting until later in the year. It would be nice to have the vassa graced with a shining gold stupa but even the base coat looks pretty good. The other advance is the main road from the carpark to the stupa. The surface has been badly deteriorating over the years, mostly due to insufficient drainage. Brendon on the digger did the deed [photo] and the result is very nice.

    >> Vihara Kitchen
    The final phase of the Bhikkhu Vihara upstairs renovation is almost complete with the new kitchen (old laundry) all but ready for use. The floor tiling needs to be grouted and the skirting added and... then we put the kettle on! The next phase is the downstairs bathroom which won't be nearly as complicated. This should be finished before vassa. [photo]

    >> AGM
    Sunday July 15th, 1:00pm. The agenda is as follows:
    1. Welcome and Apologies
    2. Accept AGM Minutes of 2nd July 2017
    3. Matters Arising
    4. Sangha Report
    5. Vice President’s Report
    6. Treasurer’s Report
    7. Committee elections: Any financial WTBA member may stand. Interest in standing has been received from:
  • Ajahn Kusalo for President (current)
  • Simon Fern for Vice-President (current)
  • Sern-Ty Lim for Treasurer (current)
  • Nuk Thompson for Secretary (current)
  • Janet Matehe for Officer (current)
  • Arumugam Vythilingham for Officer (current)
  • Linda Ung for Officer (current)
  • Viphavadee Krech for Officer (current)
  • 8. General Business
    9. Close of Meeting and Refreshments
    Your input is appreciated. Note that if you wish to vote you need to be a member. Download the membership form and send that to us.

    >> Vassa
    The annual monastic retreat starts on July 28th. Each year we invite a few lay people to join the community both to deepen their own practice and to offer support to the monastery as required. This is primarily in relation to the daily meal. It is a very beneficial opportunity for all. There is a bit more information here. Please let us know if you might be interested.


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