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    Ajahn Chah

    Some people become monks out of faith but then trample on the teachings of the Buddha. They don't know themselves better. Those who really practice are few these days for there are too many obstacles to overcome.

    Update for: 14th November 2018

    >> Stupa Dedication
    Sunday, December 2nd. 9:45 start. Most information is on the website Dedication Detail page. A brief outline of that:
    Stupa: Offerings Bring something special, beautiful, personal, auspicious to place at the head of the Buddha.
    Stupa: Dhamma Our visiting ajahns will be offering dhamma. Starting Saturday 24th, 1pm: Ajahn Viradhammo + 6pm Sunday. Then Thursday 29th, Friday 30th, Saturday 1st: 2 sessions... 1pm after the meal + 7pm evening puja.
    Stupa: Helpers see item below
    Note that there will be no evening puja on the 2nd. You are welcome to stay on as long as you wish after the ceremony.

    >> Stupa: Guests
    With so many visiting senior ajahns several people are taking advantage of the dhamma programme through the week preceding the dedication ceremony and coming to stay at the monastery. Should you wish to do this please fill out the guest application form Accommodation will be mainly shared.

    >> Stupa: Helpers
    We are expecting quite a crowd and it would be good if you were able to give some time to help on the day. There are several small tasks that, while they don't require much effort or skill - someone needs to do it. If you can help please email Viphavadee - vkrech{at}hotmail.com - or: 021 044 1203. Thank you.

    >> Kathina
    There was magic in the air - or was it the incense? The weather transformed from wild, wet and windy on Saturday to calm, bright and sunny on Sunday. There was a very good number of friends who came and a higher number than usual that stayed after the meal for the main event; the offering of the Kathina cloth by Uncle Som. We had 13 monks and the overall feeling was very relaxed and joyful. The Kathina robe sewing was finished by about 9pm; a good example of team work. Many thanks to all those who helped setting up, tidying up and generally helping to support a lovely day. Sadhu, anumodana.

    >> Books & Calendars
    A new shipment of books has arrived and these are available in the dana sala and main dhamma hall. Do be sure to get a calendar for next year.

    >> New Year Retreat
    December 26th until January 3rd. This will be lead by Ajahn Sambodhi who is moving to the monastery mid-December. He has kindly offered to lead this retreat. It is an excellent opportunity to meet with him and receive his teachings as well as a superb way to transit into 2019. And meditation... the training, ┬┐taming, investigation and understanding of the mind. What could be better? Please fill out the guest application form As with all our retreats this is open to day visitors; arrive quietly and join in.


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