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    Ajahn Chah

    The Dhamma is not far away from us. The Dhamma isn't about angels in the sky or anything like that. It's simply about us, about what we are doing right now. Observe yourself. Sometimes suffering, sometimes comfort, sometimes pain... this is Dhamma. Do you see it? To know this is Dhamma, you have to read your experiences.

    Update for: 11th October 2018

    >> Labour W'end Retreat
    Friday, October 19th to Monday 22nd. "A matter of Life and Death." It really is... Life is a matter of death and death a matter of life - and we are all doing it. How well? Bringing clarity to the mind through meditation allows us to develop a full and effective perspective. Please use the guest application form and mark the comment as 'Labour Retreat'. You could check the dana offerings page if you were thinking of bringing something. As always while the retreat is residential it is open to day visitors.

    >> Vassa
    This ends on the 24th October and the monastery schedule will revert back to normal. Part of this being that we will now be accepting short-term guests. We will be preparing for Kathina (see below) and generally getting up to speed for the forthcoming year. It has been a very fruitful time for all of us here and there is much gratitude to all of you who offered support.

    >> Kathina
    Sunday, November 4th. This marks the end of the vassa and has been a tradition maintained since the time of the Buddha. The word 'kathina' refers to the wooden frame used for sewing a robe and this year we have enough monks (5) to do this. The focus of the day is the offering of forest cloth to the Sangha. It is a celebration of the many blessings that Bodhinyanarama offers and an opportunity to express appreciation to the resident monks and laity. As is often the case after vassa there will be a change in monastic residents; some leaving some arriving. Do join us to help make this day one of joy and harmony. All are welcome.

    >> Stupa Dedication
    Sunday, December 2nd. We are starting to count down now in weeks... Work is going well on the west-side pavillion for the reclining Buddha rupa [photo] and we have some very inspiring images of progress on the terracotta mural [photo]. It is unclear how soon this will be finished but the artist is trying to make sure it ships in time. We have had confirmation from several senior monks that they will be coming and we will try to create as many opportunities as possible for you to meet with them outside of the main event - as much time and dhamma as we can arrange. You would be most welcome to come and stay here for time around this event. Please fill out the guest application form Accommodation will be very limited and we will be setting up dormitories. Camping is also an option.

    >> Stupa Work
    Simon and Gavin are working hard on the stone plinth for the Buddha. If anyone would like to help - mostly labouring - you could contact Simon [977 1955]. Lindsay has been busy with the painting, there is still a bit more to do, and the all-gold stupa looks sublime. There are various things to do and if you could help please let Simon know.


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