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    Ajahn Chah

    What can we take for certain? Nothing! There's nothing but feelings. Suffering arises, stays, then passes away. Then happiness replaces suffering - only this. Outside of this, there is nothing. But we are lost people running and grabbing at feelings continuously. Feelings are not real, only changes.

    Update for: 28th November 2018

    >> Kathina Photos
    It has been a while since we had this event but the days have been well filled preparing for the stupa dedication. You may want to view photos from that day. Many thanks to Jiri, Tomasz and Euan for the photos. And many thanks to all of you for making that such a lovely day.

    >> Working Bee
    The weather ran in our favour again and we had a very productive afternoon tidying up around the stupa and grounds generally. Thanks to all of you who came to help.

    >> Stupa Update
    The work is almost complete and will certainly be ready for our ceremony on the 2nd. The most exciting development has been the installation of the Buddha rupa. It is now in its final position. Here are a few [photo] of the moving process. It took about four and a half hours to do. The final result is very beautiful - in complete accordance with our vision. A joy to behold.

    >> Stupa Dedication Ceremony
    Sunday, December 2nd.
    Several of our visiting ajahns have arrived as well as several junior monks; and there are a few more yet to come. The atmosphere is very warm - despite the rain - and very friendly. Preparations for the day are well on track. We have a great team of helpers who have come to stay and it is a case of 'many hands making light work.' The dhamma program starts on Thursday. There are sessions on Thursday, Friday and Saturday - after lunch (1pm) and evening (7pm). Details of this and of the Sunday program can be found here

    >> New Year Retreat
    December 26th until January 3rd. This will be lead by Ajahn Sambodhi who is moving to the monastery mid-December. He has kindly offered to lead this retreat. It is an excellent opportunity to meet with him and receive his teachings as well as a superb way to transit into 2019. And meditation... the training, ┬┐taming, investigation and understanding of the mind. What could be better? Please fill out the guest application form As with all our retreats this is open to day visitors; arrive quietly and join in.


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